How to get your kids excited about being outdoors

How to get your kids excited about being outdoors

(Update: How to learn about animal tracks.)

One of the things I love the most about the outdoors is spending time with kids. I’m going to add a new project to my blog here at BDN. What makes me qualified to give you suggestions on getting your kid(s) outdoors?

My “kids,” Kristin and Taylor, are adults. Kristin left her job in education to be a private nanny outside of Boston. She has her young charges outdoors as often as possible, usually daily. I was surprised at how many opportunities and nice places there are to enjoy the outdoors in Boston. Taylor will graduate with a degree in wildlife biology next month. Two days later she starts her full time permanent job at a hatchery here in Maine. My “kids” are outdoorswomen.

I’m a Hooked On Fishing – Not On Drugs instructor but don’t get to spend nearly enough time teach kids to fish. I was a Girl Scout leader who took six to eight year old Brownies to see the moose at Sandy Stream Pond while we were at Camp Natarswi. We cooked meals on buddy burners we made during a meeting. And, honestly, I’m a kid at heart. That counts, right?

raccoon tracks, outdoors kidsI’m going to start Outdoors Kids tomorrow morning (Tuesday), and it will involve mud. I accept no responsibility for dirty clothes, floors and kids. You’re welcome. 😉

I could use some help. If you’re taking one of my suggestions and would like to share pictures and a blurb, I’d love to share them here. Please email them to me. Resized pics are appreciated but if  you don’t have a program I can do it for you.

If you have a program or activity coming up that has a child-specific aspect, let me know! And if you have ideas or questions, email me. If you’d like to learn about something, ask. If I know how to do it I will blog it for you.


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