Reader Story: Wildlife in The Basin

I enjoy being able to share readers’ stories. This is one I’d love to see myself. Lifelong friends Dave and Barb Shaw of Glenburn were out for a ride recently.

Hi Robin,

Barb and I saw something unusual while nosing around Veazie and Orono to see the effects of the removal of the dam. That in itself has to be seen to believe!

We checked out what we could see from Veazie and wandered up to Orono so as to see what harm had been done upstream. Not sure if you’ve ever put in there, but there is a cement boat launch down beyond Striar’s old mill that was a great place to catch bass from there to Veazie. That launch is now approximately 15-20 feet from the flow of the river and is useless for a boat of any size beyond a canoe or kayak. But, I digress….. as we eased down the hill into “the Basin” there is a bridge that would take you to the old mill. It is now gated off with chain link fencing.

Barb pointed out movement on the bridge and lo and behold it turned out to be a really big healthy whitetail doe and three healthy lambs, (TRIPLETS!). We have seen does with twins many times, in many places, but this was a new one on me at 63 yrs old! Needless to say we were thrilled! We were also mad at ourselves for not bring along our camera!

The deer were basically trapped on the bridge with no way off except towards us. We stopped and just sat quietly till momma lead her triplets off the bridge, and 30 ft from our front bumper, where she seemed to stop and say “thanks” and led them down off the roadway and out of sight. Amazing what and where living in Maine will provide these unforgettable encounters with mother nature! Hope you enjoyed our sharing our latest adventure.

I did enjoy your adventure, Dave! Thanks for sharing it with us.

I grew up in Veazie and graduated Orono High School. I had a friend who lived in the Basin and spent a lot of time at her home. I don’t remember ever seeing deer down there. I also haven’t been to see the difference in the Penobscot river since the dam removal. I’m curious and would like to poke around a bit before the snow comes. When I was a kid the Veazie Salmon Club was the town dump where people went to shoot rats, and the river was filthy. It’s good to know how clean the water is now.

Robin Follette

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