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Talking Hunting on Maine Outdoors

Maine Outdoors, deer hunting, bear hunting, turkey hunting, Robin Follette

I was a guest on Maine Outdoors on WVOM a couple of weekends ago. Thanks to Kevin Smith for inviting me to be on the show again. It was a blast! I love radio. I slapped my hand over my mouth a couple of times to quell what would seem like inappropriate laughter since listeners […]

My big buck’s shoulder mount – ruined or saved?

whitetail shoulder mount

It’s been an excellent year. Patience has paid off. I’ve put a lot of meat in the freezer this year. My spring turkey hunt produced a large tom with a 9.5 inch beard early on opening day. I shot my first bear on September 4 and have an awesome story to go with it. Finally, […]

Politics, Hunting, and Sunrise on Democrat Ridge

Surise on Democrat Ridge

The television was spewing hateful political ads and bad news when Steve turned it on this morning. I wasn’t long in turning it off. Facebook wasn’t much better. I’m sick to death of all this trash talk. It seems like there’s no getting away from hate and discontent in today’s connected world, and Tuesday can’t […]

No deer but it was a good year

Year six, no deer. I’m a little disappointed, especially because this was such a good year for hunters. It was a good year for me. I saw the first and only buck I’ve ever seen while hunting. People asked if I’d regret not shooting him if I didn’t have another one at the end of […]

Opening Day Eve

It’s Opening Day Eve. My clothes have been washed in scent-free detergent and hung outside to dry, and the pretty smelling shampoo, conditioner and soap have been pushed aside for unscented products. My rifle is sighted in. I have my fluorescent orange out, my boots are on the heater, and I know what I’m having […]

Why Do You Hunt?

Why do you hunt? It’s a question I’m often asked. I sometimes give a well rehearsed, detailed explanation of why I hunt. Other times, when I know there’s nothing “right” I can say to the person asking, I give a brief answer. I’d rather not get into a heated discussion about hunting but will if […]