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Politics, Hunting, and Sunrise on Democrat Ridge

Surise on Democrat Ridge

The television was spewing hateful political ads and bad news when Steve turned it on this morning. I wasn’t long in turning it off. Facebook wasn’t much better. I’m sick to death of all this trash talk. It seems like there’s no getting away from hate and discontent in today’s connected world, and Tuesday can’t […]

A testy bull moose at Sandy Stream Pond

Bull moose at Sandy Stream Pond, Baxter State Park

My sister Melissa called to invite me to hike in Baxter State Park. The weather was going to be perfect so we made a date to meet early Thursday morning. Snapping turtles are on the move. We saw five or six along the way, none willing to move out of the road at anything other […]

Should we delay shed hunting?

Over the last three months I haven’t seen many deer or deer signs. They’ve had a hard winter with deep snow starting in December and continuing into April. Parts of Maine have had four or more ice storms, two of them significant. I drove to Grand Lake Stream on Tuesday and Houlton on Wednesday, and […]

Cooking Wild Game: Moose meatloaf

Some of my favorite meals are based around wild game. Supper is hours away and my stomach is already growling. I mixed up moose meatloaf this afternoon to let it set for a few hours before I pop it into the oven. You can read about the day this moose became an ingredient in my […]

Our Epic Moose Adventure

It started in September when Erin Merrill and I won a moose safari with Epic Adventures. Brian Donaghy donated the day-long trip to Friends of Maine BOW for our fund-raising auction. It’s the trip she mentioned in Thoughts From a Tree Stand last week. The alarm went off at 3:45 am. Not that I was […]

Janet Abrahamson of Thorndike got her moose

Janet Abrahamson's Bull Moose

The parking lot of Waite General Store was so full I had to park on the side of the road. Janet Abrahamson and Charlie Bryant were there to register Janet’s moose. A crowd gathered around the Weight General scale, and I arrived just in time to see the big bull being lowered onto the trailer. […]

Scott and McKenna Harriman Got Their Moose

Message from Tammy last night: Do you want to go hunting in the morning? Does a bear… Reply: Absolutely! I knew where I wanted to hunt for partridge this morning. It’s a place in Waite I was sure Tammy, who is new to the area, hadn’t been. There’s a clear cut that’s in the process […]

I Really Need a Moose Permit

I wanted a moose permit this year. “You’ll get it this year,” they said. “Your odds are better this year.” As much as I wanted the moose permit, I didn’t expect to be drawn, and I wasn’t. Moose is one of my favorite meats. I’d like to have an ample supply in the freezer. Around […]