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Bear stew recipe will warm you up on a chilly day – Cooking Wild Game

Bear stew recipe

It’s chilly and damp today. I’m undecided on what I’ll hunt later. I can sit with my bow and wait for my first deer. Or maybe it’s a shotgun day for partridge and woodcock. I’ve been told the woodcock migration has started so the birds are moving. Any day this time of year is chilly, […]

Cooking tasty bear chops is simple – Cooking Wild Game

It took five years but I finally did it. I finally shot a bear. We are enjoying the meat. Last night we had chops for supper and this time, I remembered to take pictures so I can write about our meal. Bears can carry the parasites that cause trichinosis and toxoplasmosis. You must cook the […]

How to Clean a Partridge in Two Minutes or Less

The partridge (ruffed grouse) crossed the road in front of me and hid in the dead ferns lining the road. It was too far ahead of me for a good shot so I picked up the pace and got closer. I hadn’t taken my eyes off the ferns so I knew the exact location of […]