Ten things I plan to do in 2015

Thanks to my fellow BDN bloggers and their support during my time of healing (end drama here) I have ideas of what to write here. It’s hard to blog about what I’m doing outdoors when I’m not doing anything – including indoors.

tomah stream

Tomah Stream, one of the streams we kayaked in 2014

Here are ten things I want to do this year as scribbled on the back of an envelope.

  1. Catch more trout. We always catch a lot of bass, pickerel and perch. I caught some four pound large and smallmouth bass last year. I caught small brook trout and I can catch rainbows in our stocked pond but I’ve never caught a big trout of any kind (except out of the pond). I want to change that this year.
  2. Hike a trail in Baxter State Park I haven’t hiked. I have no details on that yet.
  3. Shoot a turkey or deer with my compound bow. I did turkey and deer hunt with the bow last year. The differences between bow and firearm surprised me. I’m eager to do more bow hunting and continue to learn.
  4. Take more frame-worthy photos. I meant to take more last year and just didn’t. I have empty space to fill and I’m eager to get it done.
  5. Whitewater raft the Dead or Penobscot rivers. I’ve been on the Kennebec, now it’s time for another river. )I’m looking for my Class V courage. I’m sure it’s around here somewhere. The thought of rafting through Cribworks is terrifying but gees, what a thrill it must be.
  6. Kayak part of Baskehegan Stream, into the lake and across to the boat landing off Route 6. I won’t be doing that in spring but I can’t wait too long. I’m thinking about buying a wetsuit so I can start kayaking as soon as the ice goes out.
    • Fitness tip: once you’re comfortable kayaking you can increase your workout by paddling into the waves. Work up to crashing through white caps. All safety precautions apply. Be strong enough to do this and prepared to deal with being flipped. Wear your life jacket. I have a very comfortable paddler’s jacket that doesn’t get in my way. Tell someone what you’re doing and have them watch out for you. Stay within reasonable distance to shore. Use common sense.
  7. Go camping – in a tent. 7a. Don’t get eaten by a bear. I don’t sleep in tents because I don’t want a nighttime visit by a bear. Skunks don’t thrill me either.
  8. Release more of the young, wild apple trees.
  9. Snowshoe more. I missed it last winter.
  10. Go shed hunting. I’d like to have a couple of antlers to put in the house. I’ll set a red oil lantern in the curve and put them on the dining room table together. I have a terracotta plant pot I’d also like to set in the curve of an antler. I’ll snowshoe, get some exercise and walk in woods I haven’t been in before.

What are your plans for 2015? Doing anything exciting?

Robin Follette

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